Tank Lift Kit FAQ

CHOPPERSTYLE™ Tank-Lift, US #D515,007

Due to the high demand for our product, I have come up with this typical Frequently Asked Questions page. It is my hope that it answers any questions you may have. If I have missed anything, please feel free to email or call us.

Q: Will the installation of the Tank-Lift require replacing the crossover fuel line?

A: With a 2” lift, the crossover fuel line is generally always long enough to make it. Whereas the 3” lift will more than likely require replacing the crossover line. (We supply extra fuel line in all the Tank Lift kits.)


Q: What is the effect on the fuel gauge?

A: The typical effect on the fuel gauge shall be as follows, with the tank at stock height when the gauge shows empty, you will generally get about 25 miles before you run out, with the Tank Lift installed, and the gauge shows empty, you will now have around 45 miles before you run out, most people like this feature, (it’s better than showing a ¼ tank of fuel left, and being empty.)


Q: Will I have to replace or splice any wiring?

A: No, all Harleys come stock with lots of extra wiring under the seat. We have not seen or heard of anybody having to extend or splice any wiring during a Tank Lift install.


Q: Will I have to remove the tank during installation?

A: No, you will not need to remove the tank, only the bolts holding the front of the tank need to come out, and the rear bolt under the seat loosened. Installing the Tank-Lift is easy, with a minimal amount of mechanical skill. The kit comes with very comprehensive installation instructions and all necessary hardware. Note: California Models come with an extra length of vent hose for the front top of the tank, if needed.


Q: Is there any effect on the petcock (carbureted) or EFI?

A: None.


Q: Will there be a gap between the front of tank and the frame?

A: Of course. But you really have to look for it. It is not that noticeable. And the effect and custom look you get from the lift clearly outweighs this.


Q: Can I get one in chrome?

A: We have powder coated the bracket black to match the frame, so it does not stand out against the frame, chroming it in our opinion would not look right unless you have a chromed frame!. Plus it would increase the cost of the product, which we would pass on to you the consumer. If you need yours chromed after you purchase, see your local chrome shop.


Q: Will I have to relocate my turn signals?

A: 99.9% of stock bikes will not require this. Some models may require rolling the controls on the handlebars forward a little, or raising the position of the bars up some. But this is the exception, not the norm. Lots of aftermarket kits are available to relocate handlebar-mounted turn signals to the front forks if needed, for that trick custom look.


Q: Which lift is right for my bike?

A: I hesitate to answer this question, because you know what opinions are like! Everybody has one! And my personal preferences may not be your preference. But since I get hit with this question on a daily basis, I feel compelled to answer. With that said, here are my preferences. (Please do not take them to heart!), as everybody has their own idea of what they like best.

1997 and up WideGlide, 2” or 3” both look great.

1997 and up, all other Dyna’s, (FXR, FXDL, FXDX) 3” only, (2” not available at this time)

1999 and up Softails 2” or 3”, In my opinion the FatBoy and Heritage, look better with a 2”. Deuce, NightTrain, Springers, SoftTail Custom and Standards both 2″ or 3″ look great.

1997 and up Touring, I like the 2” for the Baggers, RoadKing, RoadGlide, Electra and Ultras. But have many satisfied customers using a 3”.

Note: Tank Lifts will not fit Evo Style split tank models.

I hope this has answered all your questions. And I would like to personally thank you for placing your order. Enjoy the custom look of your ChopperStyle™ Tank Lift.

K. Stevens,
ChopperStyle, LLC™

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