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Heritage Tank Lift

Here are some examples of the Heritage tank lift kit in action!

I don’t get that blinding glare coming off the dash anymore. Plus my gauges are easier to read. I like the idea of heat dissipation. And I love the look.”

–Jerry, La Verne, CA
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Softail® Custom Tank Lift

Our Softail Custom tank lift kit showcase.

See the Tank Lift Kits for Softails

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Rocker™ C Tank Lift

Here are some Chopper Style customers showing off what the Rocker C tank lift kit can do!

See the Tank Lift Kits for Softails

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Rocker™ Tank Lift

Check out the look of the Rocker tank lift kit!

See the Tank Lift Kits for Softails

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Softail Standard® Tank Lift

Before and after pictures of the Softail Standard Tank Lift Kit doing what it does best: making your bike look phenomenal.

The Tank Lift is the easiest way to get a custom look for your Harley.”

–Jason, Financial Advisor, Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson, Riverside, CA
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Deuce® Tank Lift

It’s hard to beat the style you get from combining a Harley Deuce with a Chopper Style Deuce Tank Lift Kit.

I rolled into a parking lot and heard someone say, ‘Check out that chopped Deuce!  Right On!'”

–Brian “Big Dog”, Torrance, CA
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Springer® Tank Lift

Take a look at the effect of the Tank Lift Kit on the Harley Springer.

“The lines flow great.”

–Ken, Hemet, CA
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Fat Boy® Tank Lift

Have a look at the effect of these Fat Boy Tank Lift Kits.

“This is a great look !  And it’s easy to access and clean my Rocker Boxes.”

–John, Riverside, CA
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Night Train® Tank Lift

See what the Night Train Tank Lift Kit does for this bike:

“The best way to get a chopper look, gotta love it!”

–Manny, Salesman, Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson, Riverside CA

See the Tank Lift Kits for Softails in the shop

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